Bronze Casting Foundry

As a bronze casting foundry, Joseph Robertson Foundries produces bronze casting products using Hunter matchplate molding, roto lift, and jolt squeeze methods in our sand cast foundry. We provide our bronze casting clients with a complete onsite solution. Our bronze casting service includes heat treating and Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) verification as needed on our foundry grounds to save time and avoid outsourcing costs. We also perform CNC machining to prepare your pieces for delivery in an assembly-ready state. We produce bronze pieces in sizes ranging up to 24” x 24” x 6”; and weighing up to 100 lb.

Bronze Advantages

Bronze castings can replace steel and other metal castings because bronze resists corrosion longer than most other alloys and has a shorter lead time. Bronze is especially corrosion resistant in seawater. It suffers metal fatigue more than steel but is a superior conductor of heat and electricity compared to steel. Unlike brass, bronze is hard and brittle. It melts at about 950 degrees centigrade but the melt temperature varies depending on the amount of tin included in the alloy.

When to Specify Bronze

Choose bronze to cast boat and ship fittings, propellers and submerged bearings because it resists corrosion due to salt water. JRF is among those bronze casting foundries that also recommend bronze when casting sculpture, bearings, clips, electrical connectors and springs. It’s an excellent choice for bells and cymbals.

Bronze Prototyping

We begin with a prototype bronze casting for your approval before going into full production in our ISO-9001-2008 certified facilities. Prototyping makes the tooling and final pieces more affordable. Included in our prototyping services are the temporary tooling and pre-production tooling necessary to verify the final casting and machining requirements for your products.

Machined Bronze Alloy Casting Services

Our bronze casting foundry offers different tooling methods to accommodate your specifications including machined matchplates and core boxes when required as well as CNC machining of the finished components for delivery in an assembly-ready state.

Joseph Robertson Foundries has completed various machined bronze casting projects ranging from valve works and electrical parts to fluid handling systems. Our staff is experienced in pressure tight finished goods and utilize induction melting during our bronze casting process.

The size range for bronze casting items at Joseph Robertson Foundries is 24” x 24” x 6”; up to 100 lbs.