Machined Bronze Alloy Casting

Joseph Robertson Foundries has completed various machined bronze casting projects ranging from valve works and electrical parts to fluid handling systems. Our staff is experience in pressure tight finished goods and utilize induction melting during our bronze casting process. The size range for bronze casting items at Joseph Robertson Foundries is 24” x 24” x 6”; up to 100 lbs.

Bronze Casting Process

Today bronze castings can replace steel and other metal castings. Bronze castings resist corrosion longer than most other alloys and have shorter lead times. Our foundry utilizes the following bronze casting alloys to produce high quality finished goods:

  • CDA 81000 Copper Alloy (99.995)
  • CDA 83400
  • CDA 83600 Leaded Red Brass
  • CDA 84400
  • CDA 86500 Manganese Bronze
  • CDA 87500 Silicon Bronze
  • CDA C-922 Naval Bronze
  • CDA C-952 Aluminum Bronze