Aluminum Permanent Mold Casting

Permanent molding at Joseph Robertson Foundries is completed using a Stahl 18 x 24 and 30 x 30 tilt pour machines. These machines enhance the solidification process resulting in long lasting high strength molds. When paired with a dry hearth reverberating furnace our melting capabilities are unmatched.

Permanent molding consists of molten metals gravity poured into cast iron molds brushed with ceramic mold finish. The cores are then composed of sand shell, sand or metal. Semi-permanent molding allows for molds with passages throughout. This type of molding is used for products which need open passageways for liquid or other objects to flow through. When creating a semi-permanent mold a preformed core is placed withing the permanent mold, this allows the molten metal to be poured around the core into the desired shape.

At Joseph Robertson Foundries our permanent mold size is as large as 30” x 30”; up to 30 lbs.