Sand Casting Foundry

Sand casting at Joseph Robertson Foundries begins with our top quality equipment. Our molds are created using a Hunter Matchplate Molding machine which is capable of producing up to 100 molds per hour. We then utilize jolt squeeze machines which are designed with energy efficiency, improved output and employee safety in mind. Our sand casting process is streamlined to bring the best molding products to market.

We begin by creating a pattern of the finished casting. This pattern is then attached to a plate and a flask is put around the pattern allowing molding sand to be formed and pressed down into the shape of the pattern. This sand mixture allows for the mold to retain the properties of the pattern once the pattern is removed. The mold will then receive any cores needed in the bottom and the cope will be set in place. The mold is now ready for pouring.

Sand Casting Aluminum Company

At this point the warm aluminum will be poured into the mold and left to set. Once set the mold will be removed through a shakeout and then saved for future use and reconditioning. By reusing the molds we can produce casting products as needed or our clients, reducing waste and keeping your costs where you want them.