Foundry Capabilities

Tooling Castings

We will build all necessary customer fixtures suitable to machine products efficiently. We can tool with CNC cut tools from 2D and 3D geometry. Our tooling includes a variety of materials:

  • Fully machined matchplate core box tooling
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Aluminum matchplate

Part Design Assistance

We will assist in adding or subtracting features to facilitate:

  • Improvements in castability leading to reduction in overall piece price costs
  • Improvements in machining efficiency leading to further cost improvements


Prototyping provides benefits of reducing final piece price and tooling costs. We will provide temporary tooling and pre-production tooling suitable to verify the development final casting or machining requirements for your products.

Machining Facilities

We have been machining castings for more than 50 years and have experience with tight tolerance products to +/- 0.0005 inch. We also provide CMM verification and reports.

Aluminum Heat Treating

We can complete this important step and reduce costs and delivery time to market.

Pressure Testing

As a final function, test we can complete these tests using leak decay or air under water verification.

Certification, Testing, Finishes, Anodizing