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Fall 2015: Robertson Review

Posted by on Nov 1, 2015 in Metal Casting News

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Offering Bronze Casting Technology

A visit to Robertson’s sand cast foundry tells you we excel in producing every kind of casting from bronze boat and ship fittings and submerged bearings for valves, heat exchanger applications and high voltage switching components. Manufacturers count on us for bronze bearings, electrical connectors and other components for their end product assemblies.

Bronze Advantages

Pre-production measurement verifies final casting and machining requirements.

Pre-production measurement verifies final casting and machining requirements.

Bronze castings can replace steel and other metal castings since bronze resists corrosion longer than most other alloys and has a shorter lead time. Bronze offers excellent machinability and corrosion resistance, is non-sparking, lacks magnetism, and provides unique wear characteristics and aesthetics. It melts at about 950 degrees centigrade but the melt temperature varies depending on the amount of tin included in the alloy.

Bronze castings are used in various industries and applications, including metering, fluid power, hardware and locks, power generation, artistic pursuits and many others.

Fall 2014: Robertson Review

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Adapting to the Changing World of Manufacturing

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globeSince 1958, Robertson Foundries has delivered on its promise to provide technical assistance, competitive pricing and timely delivery of casting products to our customers in a wide range of industries. We provide solutions for designing, casting and finishing brass, bronze and aluminum alloy castings ranging from 1 ounce to 600 pounds from our 30,000-square-ft. facility located in Toronto.

Over the decades, we have experienced many changes in our industry as we’re sure you have in yours. Technology allows us to cast more complex components from new alloy. Today we work with casting solutions that are the result of using new minerals, chemicals, equipment and techniques that were unimaginable more than 55 years ago.


Spring 2014: Robertson Review

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Casting a Racing Shock System for High Performance Snowmobiles

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When a leading snowmobile manufacturer asked us to create a component for their nitrogen-energized racing shock system, we began by creating a component that could assure a long life with the material strength to resist the high stresses of a hostile environment. The part also would have to be manufactured with cast aluminum to deliver the lightweight necessary to make the solution practical.



Fall 2013: Robertson Review

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We are improving the dust collection and ventilation system in our foundry. When completed, the new system will enhance air quality while reducing energy consumption. The improvements will result in Robertson becoming more competitive in the marketplace while continuing to assure the safety of workers and protection for the environment.

The new dust collection system will include a floor-mounted dust collector and an upgrade of the fume and odor ducting system that vents the core making process. The project will improve the operation of the automatic pneumatic dampers in the furnace area ducts so they will open and close quickly and dependably. Our ventilation system will also be enhanced. The new design will include a method for improving summer air quality.

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